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What is decisive for success of clothing brands are the people behind them. Agents and commercial travellers are a brand’s figurehead because they are in direct contact with the customer.

At this time there is no real meeting place which brings together clothing agents and brands.


g-nemo fashion agency is building up a data bank consisting of clothing agents. The agent data will be sorted by products, target customers and focal points of activities. Once agents are registered they can receive by email information about those seeking the services of agents to handle the brands and labels on the German market. This service is completely free for agents.
Brands and labels looking for agents can satisfy their search in a targeted and comprehensive manner and pay a fee to g-nemo fashion agency.

Manufacturers/ brand owners/ distributors who are searching have the advantage that they can see all the necessary information about agents which would not be possible because of cost reasons via job advertisements. This includes details about collection scope, -orientation, intervals, details about presence on the market etc. Besides only those agents who fit to the product are contacted so that losses which usually go with advertisements almost do not arise.

The registered agents can receive interesting job offers without having any costs. They can look at the offers and choose the suitable ones.


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 company: g-nemo fashion agency
 street /
Auf dem Berg 10
 zip city: 41462 Neuss
 telephone: +49-(0)-2131-151-3630
 fax: +49-(0)-2131-151-3650
 email: goergens@g-nemo.de
 owner: Dirk Görgens

 Responsible for content according to § 55 paragraph 2 RStV:
 Dirk Görgens

 Sales tax identification number in accordance with § 27a
 Sales tax law: DE 238775210

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There are two ways of being successful in the German market:
1.Your product is so unique and desirable that everybody wants to buy it anyway.
2.You make sure that your product which may be comparable to others already in the market is being launched alongside a tailor-made public relations campaign designed to optimize your product’s competitiveness.

If point 1. is true for your product – Congratulations! If not – take another look at point 2.. There are many beautiful fashion collections in the market, but how many of them are your target traders in a position to sell? What makes your product stand out against others? You need to emotionalize both your target traders’ and the consumers’ view-point on your product.

G-Nemo Fashion agency will support you in realizing the above with tailor-made strategies. Depending on your budget this can vary from basic press placements to product placements with TV stations such as VIVA or MTV and/or the organisation of customer events.

No matter how good your product and services may be – they need to be “talked about”.



Brands we work-(ed) for:

Hooch / A.F.F. / Sentido / Setter / Capone / Raffauf / Christina Ribel Copenhagen / Fashion Duke / Revils / No Excess / Mills by Santex / Disarm / Baxmen / Grauzone / S.O.S by Orza Studio / Copha / Lois-Jeans / Fiorucci/ Dirkje Babywear / DJ Dutch Jeans / Pyromaniacs / Maison Clochard / Kejzar's Cotton Line / DBC 211 / Patsy / Lola Espeleta

Companies we work-(ed) for:

- Americana Germany GmbH/ München
- Fashion Agents S.L./ Barcelona
- Raffauf Rainwear/ Köln
- Walberg GmbH/ Sonthofen
- Viermann GmbH Capone Clothing/ Leipzig
- Revils GmbH/ Bremen
- No Excess GmbH/ Neuss
- Wintex Textilhandels GmbH/ Toenisvorst
- Santex Moden GmbH/ Würselen
- Disarm/ Stuttgart
- Baxmen Fashion/ Stuttgart
- markt intern Verlag/ Düsseldorf/Jeanswear/Sportswear/YF
- IGEDO Company GmbH & Co. KG/ Düsseldorf
- Concept GmbH/ Schwäbisch Gmünd
- Jonny Q Italia/ S.Omero
- Revanche in Fashion GmbH & Co./ Pforzheim
- Deluxe Distribution Ltd./ Berlin
- Softwear Fashion Company GmbH/ Stäfa/ Schweiz
- Van Gennip Textiles BV/ Weert Niederlande
- Brainmade GmbH/ Heidelberg
- Renovatio S.R.L. Florenz/ Italien
- Cotton Line/ Nürnberg
- Müller Trading GmbH/ Kaiserslautern
- Lifestyle Fashion GmbH/ München



With a population of about 83 000 000 Germany is the largest outlet in Europe. Where so many people live it should be easy to market your own brand. That may sound reasonable but it is unfortunately wrong!

E.g. there are 4 times as many jeans brands in Germany as in Italy. The over- capacity in clothing sale space is 300 per cent above actual demand. In the area of wage growth the Germans are at the bottom of the European league. The market share of chains, vertical dealers and dealers in other market areas has doubled in the last years.

But this does not mean that business in Germany has become impossible. It just means to become the major player in the market must be thoroughly thought through.

There are solutions for everything. We should just talk about them. Simply just contact us. We will help you with:

- introduction or re-/launch of brands
- product strategy
- recruitment of agents
- financing



Fashion selling needs more than the ability to create attractive collections. The overall concept must be correct. Today no customer accepts delays in delivery dates, handling of complaints which drag out over weeks or involve dealing with foreign countries or are only partially settled. The customer contact is of prime importance and should not solely be left to the agent.

For specialist brands g-nemo fashion agency can take on the role of the German backoffice. The focal points are:

- definition of target customers
- agent strategy
- cultivating customers
- handling of complaints
- reporting
- supervision of contracts or orders
- launch of collections


g-nemo fashion agency

If you intend to do business in the German-speaking market and also in case you are already represented in the German market you inevitably will have to face various typical problems and obstacles such as unsatisfied customers, misunderstandings deriving from mentality gaps, unreliable representatives – or even worse...!

In order to avoid all this you need a professional who knows the German fashion market off heart and who can help maximizing your new business while dealing with the above hurdles at the same time.

G-NEMO fashion agency offers step-by-step solutions for the successful establishment of a new fashion brand in the German market:

-excellent market knowledge
-excellent contacts to the media
-a network of specialised representatives
-close contacts to traders
-financing schemes for representatives and importers
-tailor-made solutions for capturing the German market


People make brands.
The right agents are as important for the growth and dissemination of your brand as your product.
Your product must be good. Then we can help you to solve your staff problems. You are looking for:

sales agents  representatives general agent
sales manager  importer distributor
for region / country
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brand name  
competitor environment  
number of
collection description  
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delivery rate  %    complainment ratio   %  
range of
price level high          middle           low
stock ja                   nein   
target customers / target stores  
backoffice based in  
commission  %  

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Delayed payment of commissions, brands which changes their face in an unacceptable way, Commission rates that are permanently cut, labels which are cancelled during the season, delivery rates of only 30%.

If you know this or you`re just looking for a new brand, 'agentspool' can help you. Sign up here - free of charge and without any obligation! We´ll send you job offers of the industry. So you get new job chances without any risk.
target job:
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for region / country
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sales focus fashion   sport accessories
price range high middle low
fashion level trend modern classic 
contacts to retailers consigners
discounters chains
assortments women´s wear menswear young fashion
  childrenswear /
maternity wear
leather / shoes
  sport fashion
sport /
  wedding apparel
evening dress

garbs / hunting garment
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  accessories, belts, handbags, gloves
  laundry, home wear, foundation garments, hosiery, swimwear
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